Common Setup Questions

What features are not available in the sandbox?

The following features are not available in the sandbox:
  • Access to Merchant Profile
  • Changing currencies. Instead, create a new sandbox account with different currency.
  • TEL, ARC and BOX eCheck transaction types are not enabled by default
  • Quickbooks Download and Sync for Quickbooks
  • File and Logo Uploads
  • VPOS
  • Performance and Stress testing not supported

What is your pet’s name?

The default secret answer for all sandbox accounts is "Simon". This is used for password resets and obtaining new transaction key.

What is an API Login ID and Transaction Key?

The API Login ID and Transaction Key are two pieces of information unique to your account. They are only used to connect your website or other integrated business application to the Authorize.Net® Payment Gateway for transaction processing. They are not valid for logging into the Merchant Interface. The API Login ID is at least eight characters in length and Transaction key contains 16 alphanumeric characters.

How do I obtain a transaction key for my sandbox account?

1. Log into the Authorize.Net sandbox account at:
2. Click on Settings under Account in the main menu on the left.
3. From the Security Settings section, click API Login ID and Transaction Key.
4. Enter the Secret Answer to your account's Secret Question.

For production account credentials, use

Can I test refund transaction type on my test account?

Yes you can process normal refunds and also submit unlinked refunds on your sandbox account using ECC. Expanded Credit Capabilities (ECC) allows you to issue refunds on transactions more than 120 days old, and issue refunds for transactions that were not processed through your Authorize.Net account. It is enabled automatically on sandbox accounts. ECC is a free feature, but please note that for live accounts, ECC is subject to approval. The account owner or administrator will need to fill out a form to enable this service. 

My eCheck transactions are declining.

By default, the the maximum transaction size is $100 and the monthly volume limit for eCheck is $5000.  Transactions will decline if you try to run a transaction over the default limits.

You can always contact us to request raising these limits.

What is Solution ID? How do I include Solution ID to my transactions?

Solution ID uniquely identifies the software that generates a transaction. Software vendors can create and manage Solution ID within the Reseller Interface and include it in the transaction request API calls. Unlike your merchant referrals, which are tied only to your Affiliate ID, Solution ID identifies the application creating a transaction for every merchant using the software, regardless of who sold the application, payment gateway or merchant account.

Include Solution ID to your transactions following with these simple steps in our Solution ID Integration Guide.

Can I perform load or stress testing in the sandbox?

The sandbox system is for integration testing only and is not provisioned for load or stress testing. We may suspend sandbox account we observer sending unusually high transaction volumes.