The following features are not available in the sandbox:

  • Access to Merchant Profile
  • Changing currencies. Instead, create a new sandbox account with different currency.
  • TEL, ARC and BOX eCheck transaction types are not enabled by default
  • Quickbooks Download and Sync for Quickbooks
  • File and Logo Uploads
  • VPOS
  • Performance and Stress testing not supported

The API login ID and transaction key are authentication values used to identify your account when connecting a website or application to the payment gateway for transaction processing. The API login ID and transaction key cannot be used to log into the Merchant Interface.

The API login ID has eight to twenty-five alphanumeric characters. The transaction key has sixteen alphanumeric characters.

To obtain the transaction key:

1. For sandbox API requests, log into the sandbox Merchant Interface at For production API requests, log into the production Merchant Interface at
2. Navigate to Account > Settings > API Credentials & Keys.
3. Click New Transaction Key.
4. Click Submit.
5. Request and verify a PIN in order to see the transaction key.

Yes, you can process refunds against settled transactions. Transactions settle after your account's Transaction Cut-Off Time, which defaults to 4 pm Pacific Time.

To check your account's Transaction Cut-Off Time:

  1. Log in to your sandbox account at
  2. Click Account > Settings > Transaction Cut-Off Time.

If you change your Transaction Cut-Off Time, the change will take effect within 24 hours.

Solution IDs uniquely identify the software source of transactions. Software vendors can create and manage solution IDs within the Reseller Interface and include it in transaction request API calls. Solution IDs may be used by any merchant using the software.

To use Solution IDs to identify the software source of transactions, see the Solution ID Integration Guide.

The sandbox is for integration testing only and should not be used for load or stress testing. We may suspend sandbox accounts that send unusually high transaction volumes.

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