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Authorize.Net In-Person SDK

The In-Person SDKs enable developers to integrate card-present payments, including EMV, into iOS, Android, and Windows point-of-sale applications using a semi-integrated environment.

What is a Semi-Integrated Environment?

In a fully integrated environment, the application that processes payment information is part of the point-of-sale application. In a semi-integrated environment, the terminal used to capture credit card data is connected to the point-of-sale application, but the application used to process payment data is separate.

The advantages of a semi-integrated environment include:

  • Eliminates the burden of EMV certification, saving time and money.
  • Combines both EMV and MSR support in one SDK.
  • Provides customizable look and feel for pay-by-chip card screens.
  • Decreased EMV time-to-market.
  • The In-Person SDK is available independent of the Authorize.Net mPOS app, allowing the merchant to choose whether to maintain integration with an existing POS solution, or build a new POS solution.
  • Greater security and reduced PCI scope.
  • Reduced long term maintenance burden.


The following is a typical workflow.

Step 1. The merchant's POS application collects basic transaction information. For example, items to be purchased and the amount of the sale.

Step 2.The POS application initiates the payment by sending the information collected in Step 1 to the SDK. The POS application sends "end of transaction" details, for example line items and the transaction total, to the SDK.

Step 3.The card reader extracts encrypted payment data from the card's chip and passes it to the SDK, which packages all of the information from the previous steps and sends a transaction request to the Authorize.Net payment gateway.

Step 4.The SDK returns "end of transaction" data to the POS application, including success/failure, authorization code, base64-encoded signature image, and EMV tags.

Additional Resources

The following resources will help you begin.

POS Portal

Compatible card readers can be found here. These readers only work in a production environment. See below for devices that function in a test environment.

Test Reader Access

For developers ready to add support for EMV transactions, we offer an EMV device loaner program.

GitHub Repositories


Android SDK

Windows SDK


Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here.

Supported Devices

See our Knowledge Base for a list of supported devices.