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Response Code 97

Response Code 97 indicates that the transaction fingerprint created to authenticate a Simple Integration Method (SIM) transaction has expired. This error is received when the timestamp value submitted in x_fp_timestamp is either 15 minutes ahead, or 15 minutes behind in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) (this is the equivalent of 900 seconds ahead or 900 seconds behind in Coordinated Universal Time, or UTC).

Using the tool

This troubleshooting tool validates whether the value you submitted to for x_fp_timestamp is a valid timestamp. Valid timestamps must be formatted in UTC, which is the number of seconds since 12 AM, January 1, 1970.

To troubleshoot a Response Code 97, check the following:

  • Verify that the time on the Web server that hosts the SIM script is configured correctly to the GMT time zone. You can also modify the SIM script to format UTC.
  • If you are having consistent problems with your timestamp, make sure that the Web server that hosts your SIM script employs a Network Time Protocol (NTP) to regularly update the time.
  • Be sure to account for daylight savings time.

Timestamp Difference server time is : {{ourTime}}

Your server time is : {{yourTime}}

The difference is : {{timeDifference}}

It looks like your web server is quite a bit out of sync with UTC. Check out this article on NTP: If you do not have access to your servers then contact your hosting provider about synchronizing their servers. The least preferred option would be to introduce an offset to your fingerprint generation code, based on the time difference we have indicated.

The difference is : {{timeDifference}}

Your time stamp is within the 15 minute window, it doesn't look like that's the problem here.