Solution ID Implementation Guide



Solution ID enables software vendors to uniquely track the transactions submitted from their application to Authorize.Net.

Unlike your merchant referrals, which are tied only to your Affiliate ID, Solution ID identifies the application creating a transaction for every merchant using your software regardless of who sold the application, gateway or merchant account.  

Partners can create and manage Solution ID within the Partner Interface, and include it in transaction request API calls.


Benefits of Solution ID

  • Partners can track every transaction originating from their platform
  • Track software versions through Solution ID setup
  • Partners gain these additional data insights:
    • Total number of merchants using the platform, and aggregated stats related to them
    • Detailed merchant stats for the self-referred merchants to identify top merchants
    • Total number of transactions from each platform and software versions
    • Total payment volume
    • Total refund volume
    • Identify above stats by payment types (ex: CC, ACH)
  • Simplified Customer Service and Gateway error diagnosis due to unique identification of partner transactions


Implementation of Solution ID

Note: Currently, only a single Solution ID is supported per Affiliate ID

Step 1: Create Solution ID

  • Log with your credentials into the Partner Interface
  • Click on Account tab from the top; click Partner Account and expand Solution ID
  • Click on Add Solution ID button
  • Which takes you to this screen
  • Enter values for the fields as described below
    • Name: Enter your product or application submitting transactions to Authorize.Net
    • Vendor:  Enter your company name or brand
    • Description: Enter a short description of your solution
    • Note: Name and Vendor data will be displayed in transaction details that are accessible to merchants and Authorize.Net Customer Support.
  • Click on GENERATE ID, review and confirm completing the Soluiton ID creation.
  • Solution ID is created and displayed in the Identifier field

Inser image

  • Solution ID is created and displayed in the List View as below

Step 2: Update your Code for createTransactionRequest

  • Update your code for payment transactions using the createTransactionRequest method to include the Solution ID generated in Step 1

Sample name/value pair request snippet:




Sample XML request snippet:


Step 3: Validate Solution ID Transactions

        Test Solution #1
  • Note: Invalid Solution IDs will cause transaction rejections with the following details in the response:
    • Response Code = 265
    • Reason Text= This transaction cannot be accepted
  • Production Solution IDs cannot be used in the sandbox and vice versa
  • If you are testing on your Sandbox, use one of these three Solution IDs that are only applicable to in the sandbox environment: AAA100302, AAA100303, and AAA100304


Reports Access

Currently the Authorize.Net Affiliate Team exclusively sends reports until Partner Interface reports are in place:

  • Total number of merchants using the application with aggregated stats
  • Total number of transactions submitted from each platfor and software version
  • Total payment volume
  • Total refund volume
  • Identify above stats payment types (e.g., credit card, e-check)


If you need assistance with implementing Solution ID, please use the contact us form.