Authorize.Net Sponsors MLH Hackathons

Win with Authorize.Net

We're sponsoring Hackathons throughout the 2018 Hackathon season. We'd like to invite you to bring your ideas to life and compete to win using our API. 

We offer a flexible and award-winning API, software development kits for native mobile integration, and hassle-free forms for rapid development.

Bring your Ideas to Life

Check out our user-friendly API, sample code and webhooks

With just one weekend to make your idea real, you need a payment platform that's user-friendly, secure and simple to integrate into your application. Here's just a few reasons you'll benefit from using our API, sample code and webhooks:

  • Our sample code is so comprehensive that you can grab code samples, in your language of choice, for any of our capabilities
  • Webhooks provide an additional opportunity to connect systems easily with minimal code
  • If you end up commercializing your hack, you can get a production Authorize.Net account in minutes, with no setup fees
  • The Authorize.Net payment platform included realiable fraud prevention and payment security


Payment Hacks

Authorize.Net can help you develop a winning payment hack, especially if you're creating:

  • "No payment" type apps (where the payment details are held securely on-file with Authorize.Net, stored on Visa's secure servers)
  • Recurring/subscription type apps
  • In-app payment functionality like Apple Pay, Google Pay or Visa Checkout
  • IoT apps monetized by providing simple on-demand, usage-based billing

Get Started

  • Access the Authorize.Net API 
  • Check out GitHub for examples on how to use Authorize.Net to integrate secure payment acceptance to your applications
  • Watch this video for an overview of our sample code offerings

New Developer Tools

Check out the new tools we created to educate developers like you about payments and to empower student and professional developers alike as they launch and enhance their careers.

Check out our developer resources: