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Response Codes

Not fluent in error codes? No problem. Just enter the Response Reason Code you're receiving from the Payment Gateway and allow us to translate. Or download the latest version of the response codes and suggestions.

API Response Codes

These are the top level response codes that will give a high level indicator of the status of the API request.

API Response Codes XML API Response Codes JSON

NOTE: This code may be informational, beginning with a "1" prefix, e.g. "100004".

Transaction Response Codes

For payment transactions there is an additonal level of response codes which provide detailed information about the status of the payment request.

Transaction Response Codes XML Transaction Response Codes JSON

NOTE: The transaction ResponseCode is a high-level indicator of the result of the transaction (e.g. accepted, declined, held for review). The errors list will give more detailed information regarding the payment request.


Code: {{code.code}}

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