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Visa Checkout

Visa Checkout and Authorize.Net credit work together as an integrated offering. Authorize.Net provides services to assist with your Visa Checkout integration.

  • Your web site integrates directly to Visa Checkout to display the Visa Checkout button on your checkout page.

  • Authorize.Net provides the decrypt Visa Checkout data service, which decrypts the Visa Checkout payment data. You can use the decrypted data to help the customer confirm the purchase.

  • You submit an Authorization or Authorization and Capture request containing Visa Checkout information to Authorize.Net for credit card processing.

  • At various points in the transaction cycle, you notify the customer of the transaction status.

Enrolling in Visa Checkout

Enroll for Visa Checkout in the production merchant interface for production access. You can enroll yourself or contact your local Authorize.Net sales representative.

Note: You must have a merchant account in order to process Visa Checkout transactions.

Note: Visa Checkout will not be available for your account until you generate an API login and transaction key in the Merchant Interface. Choose Settings > General Security Settings > API Login and Transaction Key. The transaction key is used for requesting transactions. During the procedure below, you will also receive a separate Visa Checkout API key for generating the Visa Checkout button on your checkout page.

If you already have an Authorize.Net account and a merchant account, you can enroll yourself by following these steps:

  1. Log in to the Merchant Interface at https:\\

  2. Under Account in the left-navigation panel, select Digital Payment Solutions.

  3. In the Visa Checkout section, click Sign Up.

  4. The next page contains personal and business information. Click the Edit button next to either section to edit this information.

  5. In the Additional Business Information section, enter information directly in the text fields.

  6. Check the box to confirm that you have read and accept the Additional Services Addendum.

  7. Click I Agree.

You will receive a Visa Checkout API key, which you can use when placing the Visa Checkout button on your web site.

Updating Your Software

  1. Display the Visa Checkout button on your web site. Implement Javascript for handling the events associated with the button. As part of this process, you will use the Visa Checkout API key that you received during the procedure Enrolling in Visa Checkout above. For more information on displaying the button, see the Visa Checkout JavaScript Integration Guide.

  2. Obtain the encrypted Visa Checkout payment data.

  3. Request the Authorize.Net decrypt Visa Checkout data service. You can use the decrypted data to help the customer confirm the purchase. For more information, see the section Decrypting the Data below.

  4. Request the Authorize.Net Authorization or Authorization and Capture service. See the section Requesting a Transaction below.

  5. After payment is complete, notify the customer of the updated transaction status.

Testing Your Implementation

Authorize.Net recommends that you test your implementation before processing live transactions. To test your implementation, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Authorize.Net sandbox environment at https:\\

  2. Perform the enrollment procedure that you followed in Enrolling in Visa Checkout. You will receive a Visa Checkout API key that works only in the sandbox environment.

  3. Using the API key from Step 2, create the Visa Checkout button.

  4. Submit test transactions to the Authorize.Net sandbox environment.

Decrypting the Data

Visa Checkout provides you with encrypted data. The decrypt Visa Checkout data service enables you to send the encrypted payment data to Authorize.Net and receive the decrypted data in the reply message.

Use the decryptPaymentDataRequest function to request the decryption service.

Requesting a Transaction

To process a Visa Checkout transaction, use the createTransactionRequest function to submit the transaction. Fields in this function are order- and case-sensitive. Place the opaqueData fields received from the lightbox within the payment field. Be sure to submit marketType=0 to indicate that this is an eCommerce transaction.

Obtaining Information About Your Transactions

Checkout transactions are included in regular credit card reports and appear as credit card transactions.