Mobile FAQs

Below is a list of the most commonly asked questions from developers using our mobile SDKs to integrate to the Authorize.Net Payment Gateway. For general developer questions, please visit our Developer FAQ.


Merchants are required to provide their mobile-enabled login credentials (settings for this are enforced in the Merchant Interface). The credentials are exchanged for session tokens within the SDK, and these tokens are used in subsequent transactions. Session tokens are exchanged for new session tokens when additional requests are made. If the mobile device is inactive for a period of 30 minutes or more, the merchant will be required to log back in using their login credentials to continue processing transactions. This helps protect both the merchant and the consumer if a mobile device is lost or stolen.


The iOS SDK is compiled for all devices running 4.0+. However, because the source code is provided, developers requiring a build prior to 4.0 can create a custom build themselves.
All iOS devices that have a network connection are supported.
AIM, Card Present, Transaction Details and mobile—all XML based.


The Android SDK is built on the Android 2.2+ (API Level 8) platform and offers support to link external projects as libraries.
Any Android device that has a network connection (Telephony/Wifi) is supported. However, because there are many manufacturers of Android devices, it's not possible to test all versions of the different devices.
AIM, CIM, ARB, Transaction Details and mobile—all XML based.