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All developers—from geniuses and gurus to novices and newbies—find answers and help at Authorize.Net. Our options for integrating payments are designed to accommodate a range of business needs and coding abilities.

Online APIs

Direct Post Method (DPM) New!
DPM is a hosted payment option that allows the user optimal site customization while still relying on Authorize.Net for help with PCI DSS compliance. DPM uses a unique fingerprint to authenticate transactions. Developers can customize a secure, hosted payment form without an SSL certificate (Please note: an SSL certificate is still highly recommended in order to display "https" in the browser URL and promote customer confidence). The Authorize.Net Payment Gateway handles all of the steps in the secure transaction process—payment data collection, data submission and the response to the customer—while keeping Authorize.Net virtually transparent.
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Server Integration Method (SIM)
SIM is a hosted payment form ideal for handling the secure collection and transmission of customer data. The experience can be tailored to match the look and feel of the merchant's website so that the customer doesn't realize they are on a hosted page. No Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate is required; instead, a unique digital fingerprint is sent and authenticated with each SIM transaction.
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Advanced Integration Method (AIM)
AIM is the best choice for creating a highly customizable payment form or for integrating a stand-alone business application. It allows for complete control over all the steps of the online transaction experience, including collecting and transmitting customer data. The security of an AIM transaction is assured through a 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) connection between a merchant's Web server and our payment gateway.
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Simple Checkout
Create "Buy Now" and "Donate" buttons for your website, using basic technical skills. Just copy and paste the HTML code we provide to create pre-designed or customized buttons for your site. Customized options include an item ID and description, suggested donation amounts, maximum number of items per order, and more. Customers click through to a secure, hosted payment form.
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Additional Service APIs

Automated Recurring Billing™ (ARB)
ARB allows for programmatic subscription creation, updates, and cancellation. Our secure data center then safely stores the payment information for recurring transactions. ARB is ideal for merchants who offer subscription-based products or allow installment-based payments. ARB also expands the payment options for online and mail order/telephone orders (MOTO) merchants.
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Customer Information Manager (CIM)
CIM creates, stores, and quickly accesses customer profiles on our secure servers. It allows businesses that process recurring transactions or usage charges to provide returning customers with the convenience of using a saved personal profile. CIM also helps simplify PCI DSS compliance as merchants store customer information on our secure servers instead of locally.
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As our exclusive electronic check processing solution, eCheck.Net enables Web merchants already processing credit card transactions using our payment gateway to offer their customers an additional payment option. In short, it allows customers to pay for their purchase using a funds transfer from their bank account.
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Retail and Mobile API

Card Present Integration (CP)
Traditional brick-and-mortar stores and mobile merchants need to process a transaction through a card reader device. The encoded card information is then transmitted to the payment gateway for processing. This is known as a Card Present transaction.
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